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Apple İPhone Xr


Brand value
Screen can be considered great
Top-class performance with A12 processor
Face ID Face Recognition Technology
Class-leading stereo speaker audio output
Premium design
Wireless Charging


Iphone X, similar design to Xs
Bold frame
324 PPI pixel density
Low resolution behind segment
Single main camera

IPhone XR detailed review

Apple introduced the XR model of the same series in 2017, just two years before the Iphone X was introduced as a precursor to future designs. Xs and Xs Max models, especially compared to the similar features of the Iphone XR, provides a little more advantage in price. So how is the Iphone XR a phone. Let’s take a quick look at the Iphone Xr features together.

Iphone XR Design

IPhone 8 comes with the aluminum case that we remember Xr, first released in 2017 with the iPhone X model, instead of Touch ID now features Face ID’yi. This feature is very stable and slowly burying the Touch ID feature in history, gives clues to the future technologisininde.

Apple, which has been limited in color diversity, is being generous this time around in the iPhone XR. With a choice of 6 different colors, the model has a 7000 series aluminum case and a single camera on the back.

The front and back are protected against scratches by an IP 67 certificate. X and XS models are slightly heavier than the XR, frame on the screen-case ratio remains in class with 79 percent. According to the X and Xs models, visibly the frames are kept a bit thick.

iPhone XR display

iPhone XR’de 6.1-inch top-notch display preferred Apple, iPhone 6 and 8 between the series uses 326 PPi pixel density preferred.

Liquid LCD instead of OLED is the preferred model, the resolution is 828×1792 pixels, which can be considered lower than its competitors.

However, the 120 hz touch sensitivity for the iPhone XS is available on the Xr, providing high quality image transitions.

iPhone XR hardware

The A12 Bionic processor, which gives the best results in performance tests and performs its task very successfully, is also used in the iPhone XR along with the XS series. Although the 4 GB RAM used in the Xs series instead of 3 GB RAM is used, thanks to the A12, this difference is almost never felt.

7 nm technology produced with a total of 6 core A12, 2 units 2.5 GHz running Vortex, 4 units running at 1.6 GHz Tempest cores power is.

the iPhone XR features 64, 128 and 256GB as internal memory options.

iPhone XR camera

the iPhone XR comes with the only main camera that the Xs family also uses.

With the absence of the second camera, depth detection is done by the software, although there is no 2X optical zoom. But in everyday use, the main camera knows how to do well.

The camera has a 26 mm wide angle and an f/1.8 aperture of 12 megapixels.

4K 60 FPS video recording not available on some flagship models is available on the XR’s main camera. It also features optical image stabilization, Stereo sound, and some video features that stand out in the external microphone.

When we examine the front camera, the iPhone XS series of 7 megapixel resolution, f / 2.2 aperture 32 mm angle camera meets us. With this camera it is possible to record 1080p 60 FPS video.

Iphone XR battery / charger

the iPhone XR’de 2942 mAh lithium Li-on battery, which prefers the company, the first iphone 8 starting with the wireless charging feature in this model also uses. With fast charging support, the model reaches 50 percent filling capacity in 30 minutes.

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