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Apple iPhone XS


Premium design that fits in the hand.
Gorilla Glass 6 front and rear panel.
OLED display offering stunning images.
The class-leading Apple A12 Bionic processor.
Face ID facial recognition technology.
Class-leading stereo speaker audio output.


iPhone design identical with X
Not increasing storage space
iCloud fees are high in our country
Price chart to be considered high in Turkish standards

Apple iPhone Xs detailed review!

The Apple iPhone XS is the same, but so different. Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 and launched the smartphone revolution every year, this time with the iPhone XS model is taking the realisation. Let’s see what the results of the Iphone Xs detailed review.

iPhone 7 model after the “S” series of a model çıkmayıp, iPhone 8 with the way Apple is now the iPhone 10. He introduced the iPhone Xs, the “S” version of the iPhone X model, which he introduced exclusively for the year. Apple’s iPhone XS model does not read as the iPhone iks – es or iPhone iks – se.

iPhone X Model X, 10 it reads. Apple, which has pursued a failed policy of name-finding in recent years, is once again confusing users with the new iPhone model.

Without further reference to the name, let’s move on to the iPhone Xs, which is the fastest, best iPhone model ever. Apple’s most beautiful, most robust, fastest, most talented, new gold color, the most luxurious and the most expensive iPhone by Turkish standards, iPhone XS, like every iPhone, but no iPhone model is like an iPhone comes across as.

First Look

Those who are familiar with the Apple universe know that in the Apple universe, Speed means speed. Indeed, the iPhone XS model also has the Apple A12 Bionic processor s jewelry gives the right.

The Apple A12 Bionic processor, the first smartphone processor with a 7 nm fabrication process, offers 15 percent faster processing power than the previous A11 processor, while the graphics are 50 percent faster than the Apple A11 processor. The A12 Bionic processor shows the difference in machine learning, and the iPhone Xs comes with the second generation NPU, which is capable of 5 trillion operations thanks to its A12 processor.

The iPhone XS also features a better Sensor, Smart HDR, an adjustable bokeh effect after shooting, and stereo sound for video capture.

With the new A12 processor, the iPhone XS not only has a better camera, but also features a faster LTE connection, a faster Wi-Fi connection than the previous iPhone model.

let’s take a quick look at the technical information of the iPhone XS model before we take the iPhone Xs out of the box and begin detailed investigations.

Body: stainless steel frame, durable front and rear glass, IP68 dust and waterproof design, space gray, gold and Silver color options.

Display: 5.8-inch frameless Super AMOLED display, 458 ppi pixel density, HDR video support, wide color gamut, True Tone adjustment with six-channel ambient light sensor, 3D Touch.

Operating system: Apple iOS 12

Processor: Apple A12 Bionic processor (7nm), six-core 2.49 GHz Apple GPU, 4-Core 2. Generation 4 core Apple NPU.

RAM capacity: 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB-256 GB-512 GB of non-incremental storage.

CAMERA: 12-megapixel main camera with dual setup, OIS + telephoto f / 2.4 lens that can do wide angle shots with f / 1.8 OIS bokeh Live with effects (portrait mode, bokeh effect, and successful shots in low light conditions adjustable) 2X lossless zoom, all four LEDs flash.

Video recording: 2160p @ 60/ 30fps, 1080p @ 30/60/120 / 240fps video recording with wider dynamic range

Selfie: 7MP f / 2.2 front camera, 1080p @ 30 / 60fps video, depth detection and HDR for digital video stabilization, Portrait Mode and animoji.

Battery: 2,658 mAh battery, wireless charging (Qi compatible))

Other features: special TrueDepth camera with Face Recognition (Face ID), better stereo speakers, 3D Touch and Taptic Engine.


10 of Apple’s iPhone. the iPhone XS comes with significant performance improvements, rather than design, as with other S-equipped iPhone models.

there is not much difference in the design of the iPhone Xs. unlike the iPhone X, the iPhone XS has a gold option.

The iPhone XS uses the Gorilla Glass 6, which is advertised as the world’s most durable glass by the front and rear, and unlike its competitors, it uses the Gorilla Glass 6 not only on the front but also on the back.

With a dust and water resistant design, the iPhone XS can run for 30 minutes in 2 meters of water thanks to its IP68 certificate. Apple said in a statement that it continues to operate in many cases, mainly saltwater.

the front of the iPhone Xs features a Super AMOLED display with a 5.8-inch notch, just like the iPhone X. The notch above the screen of the iPhone Xs, which has HDR and Dolby Vision support, features cameras and a variety of sensors. In the notch, the mini-Kinect sensor also finds a 7 megapixel camera with a 7 megapixel aperture of F / 2.2.

The speakers on the iPhone XS, which do not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, are more powerful and sound quality than previous iPhone models.

on the back of the iPhone Xs design, we have a dual camera system just like the iPhone X model. the camera setup of the iPhone XS is 1 – 2 mm below the cameras on the iPhone X. Although this does not make a serious difference in appearance, it may anger users who want to use the iPhone X cases on the iPhone Xs smartphone.


the iPhone XS has the notched screen used in the iPhone X model. It comes with a 5.8” Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels, offering HDR video support. the fascinating display of the iPhone Xs also boasts a pixel density of 458 ppi and a display refresh rate of 120 Hz.

The Samsung-produced AMOLED display features HDR video support (HDR 10 and Dolby Vision) and custom True Tone. Offering a maximum brightness of 625 nits, the display’s brightness can be up to 650 nits while True Tone is active.


the iPhone XS comes with a li-Ion 2,658 mAh battery. the iPhone Xs, which has the same battery as the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus, has a one-piece L-shaped battery. just like other iPhone models, the iPhone XS can be activated by users and the Low Power Mode can also be activated automatically when the battery drops below 20 percent.

In our tests, the 5V / 1A charger adapter out of the box and the iPhone Xs ‘ fully finished battery is only 22 percent full for 30 minutes. we were also able to charge the iPhone Xs with a Qi-compatible wireless charger at a rate of 20 per cent in 30 minutes.

IPhone Xs-compatible products that support fast charging can be charged up to 55 percent in half an hour. In our tests, the iPhone XS has a fully charged battery, which provides 14 hours of talk over 3G network, and 10 hours of internet browsing and 11 hours of video viewing. similar to the iPhone X, the iPhone XS offers 72 hours of standby time, just like the iPhone X.


the iPhone Xs comes with a stereo speaker, as in the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X models. the stereo speakers of the iPhone Xs are more powerful than other iPhone models and provide better sound quality.


And here’s Showtime for the iPhone XS. although the iPhone XS is the same as the iPhone X model in terms of design, its iOS 12 operating system brings out the power of the iPhone Xs.

with iOS 12, users come with many important improvements, including grouped notifications, Screen Time, expanded battery statistics, the improved Photos app, and the new measurement app.

the iPhone XS has a second-generation NPU that makes Face ID queries much faster, allowing users to read their faces and open their smartphones much faster. iOS 12, which comes with the iPhone XS, takes smartphones to a higher level and shortens what you do in everyday life.


the iPhone XS is powered by the A7 Bionic processor, which has a 12 nm fabrication process, a first in the smartphone industry.

Featuring an 8-core Neural Engine, the A12 delivers powerful performance with low power consumption. The A12 Bionic, capable of 5 trillion operations per second, delivers far more powerful performance than the A11 Bionic processor, capable of 600 million operations per second.

The iPhone XS comes with 4 GB of LPDDR4X RAM so it can perform operations without difficulty. the iPhone X model has 3 GB of RAM. Here are the performance test results of the iPhone Xs.


the iPhone Xs, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone X come with a similar dual camera setup. the wide-angle sensor in the rear camera of the iPhone Xs features the telephoto behind the f / 1.8 lens and the telephoto behind the af / 2.4 lens, both with optical image stabilization. The dual-camera setup, complete with four-Color Dual-Tone Flash, uses a sapphire piece of glass cover to protect everything from damage and withstand large scratches.

It offers an updated image of bokeh that we see on DSLR cameras. with iOS 12.1, the depth of the image can be changed even after a photo is taken.

the front camera of the iPhone XS is the same as the front camera of the iPhone X. The iPhone XS, which comes with a 7 megapixel front camera with an f / 2.2 aperture range, is able to take pictures faster than the iPhone X and record movies at 60 fps with a resolution of 1080 pixels.

Finally, the iPhone Xs offers stereo recording during video recording. Thanks to this feature, users can record audio in video shots better. the iPhone XS is one of the smartphone models that offers the best photo quality among smartphones.

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