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Although the new name in the world market has been mentioned, in fact it is not a very new company. Previously operating in telecommunications and different fields, the company is one of the largest electronics companies in China with a $ 50 billion presence. What makes Huawei so prominent is the mobile phones it has produced recently.

Although it is younger than other smartphone makers, Huawei is one of today’s most important smartphone manufacturers, which has raised its brand awareness to the highest level in the global market with its investments and productions in recent years.

Birth of Huawei

Government officials who supported the industrialization and development furyas towards the end of the 1980s offered incentive packages to some private companies to replace the inadequate communication and telecommunications network. Huawei was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, a Chinese engineer.

Although it made investments only in the production and development of electronic devices and phone keys in the early years, like other companies, its fields of activity have expanded over time and it has managed to become one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world today.

The irrepressible rise of the firm, which has come a long way in R & D, has reached such an extent that it has to face a number of sanctions. For the company, which receives OS support from Google and produces phones on the android platform, it faces the threat of stopping updates by taking its share of sanctions imposed on China due to trade wars.

However, the company wants to reduce the dependence on external platforms and get rid of the hegamony of the Android operating system as soon as possible, by making its own operating system is on the verge of opening a new Sunday in this area.

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