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Even some of the most established companies have been wiped out of the market, which shows that it is very difficult to enter and hold on to this market without being innovative and carrying different design lines. However, when we look at the sales statistics of Xioami company, it seems to have followed a fairly accurate path. The effort to reach all consumers seems to have been successful, especially with the slogan” innovation for all”.

Especially his innovative ideas, design improvements, out of the ordinary new model production and affordability policy led Xiaomi to be recognized in the world market.

Therefore, Xiaomi is undoubtedly one of the most notable companies in the” brand values ” category. Another reason why this brand is so important is that although it was established in 2010, it has a significant sales share in the world market in such a short period of time by breaking sales records.

If we give a concrete example, Xiaomi has achieved a great success by selling 300 thousand units in 12 minutes thanks to its successful sales strategy over the Internet and the population density in the country where it is located.

There are three main reasons why Chinese phone models have become so popular so quickly.;

Design innovations, price policy and Sunday Strategy.

Birth of Xiaomi

You read the story of successful people. They often get rid of the mediocrity and come to the fore with their different and need-oriented ideas.

One of them is Lei Jun. He founded Xiaomi company on April 6, 2010 with a few people who fit his own different personal structure.

Even in its first year of establishment, the biggest reason for its rapid recognition in its own country is that they also installed their own company’s root program for their Android-based mobile phones. Thus, the company, which offers a more free use, has also clinched this success in sales.

Currently, the company operating in our country and achieving a good sales chart is not only phone, tablet, headset, powerbank has other products such as.

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