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Huawei P20


Big screen experience
Processor performance
Battery and fast charging


Capacitive fingerprint reader
Mono speaker
LCD screen
Rear camera overhang
Non-water resistant structure
Design does not meet expectations
High price by segment

Preliminary Information

Unfortunately, some measures are being taken that are not in line with the ethics of competition for the company, which recorded an unobtrusive growth when looking at sales figures and models. However, we believe that Huawei will come through this painful process and will have a much stronger future. It is only a matter of time before the company announces its own operating system Name approval for the application is also among the information from the operating system.

At a time when the arrows are turning and faced with constraints in the technology war, the firm still continues to innovate in technology. The only thing to say for Huawei, which has been put under a lot of pressure and many barriers, is that it is on the right track.

Huawei P20 Detailed Review

Huwei has been frequently mentioned with one smartphone after another recently. Especially in the camera and design of the company that has come a long way, even large and established companies managed to produce models that would envy.

The latest example is the Huawei P20. One of the brothers of the 20 series and the model in the middle segment, the upper segment with the features of the competitors gives the mountain.

The company, which makes great attacks on hardware, design and camera, has also been very generous with the P20. The P20, a model close to the top class, also managed to get full grades from tech lovers.

For the P20, which is a slightly more diluted model of the P20 Pro, many people have the following question on their mind; How is the Huawei P20 a phone, What are its features. Without further ado, let’s examine it in detail.

Huawei P20 Design

Looking at the front of the model, it has a rather small notch on the top.

On the bottom is a fingerprint reader and a fully touch-operated capacitive button that serves as the home button. Next to the Home button, there is no button.

Although the rear side is a glass and metal case, serious improvements have been made to the weight. Despite its thickness of 7.7 mm, its weight is 165 grams.

The striking detail on the back is that the dual camera is slightly protruding. As the Buddha prevents it from standing flat when you drop it on the table, it can cause the cameras to be drawn when taken by dragging a little bit.

The power and volume control buttons are also on the right side of Huawei, which has become a classic. To the left is only the sim card entry. Let’s also say that there is no Micro cd card entry.

The biggest deficiency of the P20, while resistant to splash and dust, lack of water resistance.

Huawei P20 Display

The 5.8-inch screen has a 1080×2240 Full HD screen. Instead of the Super AMOLED display used in the P20 Pro, LTPS IPS LCD display is used to reduce costs. With an 18:7: 9 display ratio, a pixel density of 428 PPI and a display/body ratio of 79.46 per cent, it’s also quite ambitious.

Super AMOLED, although not quite as vivid and saturated as it has a screen, high light and the brightness of the screen when you stay under the sun thanks to the screen can be said to be able to see easily.

Huawei P20 Hardware

The chipset uses the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered processor, the Kirin 970, which is built with 10 nm technology, with a 64-bit architecture.

This 8-core processor comes with the Mali G72 MP12 chip as graphics and is particularly successful in battery consumption with power management.

High CPU requirements 2.36 GHz support from the ARM Cortex-73 core processor, lower CPU requirements and 1.8 GHz for daily work at the speed of the ARM Cortex-53 core is supported.

With this operating principle, it performs better in situations that strain the CPU, such as gaming, while maintaining a longer charging life by not exhausting the CPU for everyday use.

4 GB of RAM as processor memory is preferred model, 128 GB of internal memory is available.

Huawei P20 Camera

Huawei, which managed to be one of the first companies to come to mind when it is called a smartphone camera, has used a total of three cameras with artificial intelligence support, including one camera in the front and two cameras in the back on the P20. Based on the camera specifications;

Front camera: the front camera has a 24 megapixel resolution, 30 fbs and an f/2.0 aperture, making 1080p video possible.

Main camera: at 12 megapixels, it hosts a value of 30 FBS and an aperture of f/1.8. The 2160p Full HD 4K camera offers a pretty good photo and video experience. In addition, as with other P20 models, this camera, called RGB, is also the task of taking color photos.

Second camera: at 24 megapixels, 30 fbs and with an f/1.6 aperture, you can shoot movies in 1080p HD resolution. Another feature of the second camera, which features a Monochrome sensor, is that it takes black and white photos.

Huawei P20 Battery

The company is also very generous about the battery, the P20 used a battery worth 3400 mAh. The sine qua non of smartphones, fast charging, has also not been forgotten.

In Normal use, the model can be an alternative, especially for people who travel a lot.

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