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Samsung Galaxy A10


Big screen experience
3.5 mm headphone out
Face recognition lock
3400 mAh battery


Failed video and photo shoots
Material quality
Plastic cover
Pls screen experience
271 PPI pixel density

Samsung Galaxy A10 Detailed Review

We all know that Samsung has renewed its mid-segment a-series. The company has been able to produce models that appeal to all segments and is constantly adding new models to its wide range of products.

The last example of this is the Galaxy A10. The A10, the youngest sibling of the A-series in double figures, is notable for its revamped design. The company does not go to many design changes in the series models, the price change is more based on the display,material quality and hardware features.

Although the Galaxy A10 looks similar to the other A and S series, you can tell the difference when you pick up the phone. The model, where the infinite screen form is combined with the V notch, may not attract users as much in quality.

So What are the features of a phone, What is the Galaxy A10 like? Let’s start examining the phone without further ado.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Design

When you take the phone out of the box, a 6.2-inch V-notch display greets you. Although it seems ideal for those who want to change the old phone and switch to the bigger screen, it seems to us that it is a bit of a class in design. Acting on the logic of” the more bread, the more meatballs, ” the firm could at least make a better choice in design, although it could not go to improvement in other features.

The six parts of the phone are also equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, as well as a USB Type-C connection and charging port.

The Galaxy A10 has a facial recognition system and there is no fingerprint reader.

The A10 is the only rear camera in the A-series, with two cameras in total. The flash is positioned just below the rear camera.

The model, which has a completely plastic structure, is covered with a very poor quality material.

There are a total of 3 colours available: blue, red and black.

Samsung’s desire to capture every user of the Galaxy A10, although suitable for everyday use, performance can disappoint those who expect.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Display

The A10 features a 6.2-inch V-notch display, offering an endless display experience along with a frameless display.

Offering 720×1520 HD resolution, the pixel density of the display is very low at 271 PPI per inch.

Pls display instead of LCD screen preferred model’s display/body ratio is 80.8 percent

The display, which cannot provide enough light in high light and sunny environments, has a dim and poor quality appearance compared to the AMOLED and LCD.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Hardware

As a chipset, Exynos 7 Octa 7884 processor power is used 8 cores.

The task distributions of these cores in the processor are as follows:;

High CPU requirements of 4 units 1.6 GHz at the speed of ARM Cortex A-73 cores that support the processor,

Lower CPU is required in cases of 4 pieces at 1.35 GHz that Cortex A-53 cores are powered.

This 64-bit processor is produced with 14 nanometer technology.

The memory capacity of the processor that comes with the Mali-G71 MP2 graphics interface is 2 GB.

The Galaxy A10 comes with 32 GB of internal memory and supports up to 512 GB of memory.

The model, which is not very ambitious about performance, is an ideal model for everyday users.

However, it is not possible to play games that require high CPU, especially with a considerable audience such as PUBG mobile, fluently. When we look at the policy of the company, this model seems to have been produced for daily use.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Camera

The A10, a single rear camera of the double-digit a series, is not professional with the camera experience, but can satisfy you in the moment. If we examine the camera features briefly;

Front camera: 8 megapixels, with an f / 2.0 aperture, no HDR support and 1080p HD video resolution, the camera has an FBS value of 30 fbs.

Rear camera: at 13 megapixels, with an f / 1.9 aperture, with 1080p Full HD video resolution, the FBS value is 30 fbs.

With cameras that fail in low light conditions, beautiful memories can be taken as mentioned above. Also because there is no HDR support, the front of your photos is likely to be dark when there is no light behind you.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Battery

Perhaps the most striking feature of the A10 is its battery, which is housed under the plastic case.

With a powerful 3400 mAh battery, the model does not have fast charging support.

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