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Oppo On Its Way To Becoming A Global Brand

Oppo is one of the smartphone brands that we often hear about in our country as it has been all over the world recently. With its innovative products and design approach that goes out of the ordinary, the company’s history is actually just as interesting. Oppo, which has achieved many firsts, is also filling the eye with new model smartphones.

The China-based tech giant, like Huawei and Xiaomi, was founded in 2004. The company entered the Turkish market in the last quarter of 2018.

Oppo, which has many smartphone models in our country, is 4th in the world in 2017. while it is a major smartphone brand, as of 2019 it is the 5th. it is ranked and has operations in 35 countries.

The Direction Of Technology Is Now Asia

Recent developments in the technology world now show that the wind has changed direction.

China, which was once the center of subcontracting and increased its effectiveness in this field, has now changed direction with its policy of spreading its own national brands around the world.

Recognizing the danger, the United States also made its first move against Huawei, which managed to outpace many companies in sales, by pulling Google’s weapon.

Oppo Who Succeeded The Firsts

In the case of innovation, Chinese companies have shown a lot of height recently in smartphones, many of the first successful Oppo company has made, read some of the strides that you may be surprised are::

Oppo Find

* Brand’s first modern smartphone (pre-luxury phone and top segment audio/player Products subsidiary)
* Slide-out full-size keyboard
* 8MP high resolution rear camera
4in widescreen
* Aluminum alloy case / structure
* Date June 2011

Oppo Find 3

* The first phone to use a 1.5 GHz processor
* Forged steel case
* Fastest photo-taking phone in 0.3 seconds
* Date February 2012

Oppo Finder

* World’s thinnest phone with 6.65 mm thickness
* 4.3 inch widescreen display
* Front and rear camera is the first phone to capture FullHD video
* Dated 12 June 2012

Oppo Find 5

* World’s first 5inch FullHD screen phone
* World’s first quad-core processor phone
* First Android phone with true 13MP camera
* First phone capable of shooting 120fps video
* The first phone capable of producing HDR content
* Patented notification ledi design
* Date December 2012

Oppo Find 7

* Fastest charging phone with VOOC battery technology
* Single phone capable of shooting 50MP photos
* World’s first phone with 2K resolution display
* First phone fully compatible with 4G
* Patented notification ledi design
* Dated 19 March 2014

Sub and visual source: Technoseyir

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