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Apple İphone 11 Pro


Brand value
Outstanding camera performance
458 PPi OLED display
Top-class performance with A13 processor
Face ID Face Recognition Technology
Class-leading stereo speaker audio output
Premium design
Wireless Charging


Similar design with Iphone Xs
Display body ratio
Not hosting too much innovation
High Price
Lack of fingerprint readers

Apple Iphone 11 Pro Detailed Review

The Iphone 11 Pro, which is expected to be introduced for some time and is eagerly awaited by Apple fans along with technology lovers, was finally introduced with the launch of Apple’s facilities in California.

Launched with the latest Iphone X 3 phone model multiple publicity furyası, continued with new members of the company.

The firm, which failed to reach the figures it wanted on sales in late 2018 and in 2019, upset its lovers by not going for too radical changes in design and performance in new members. The 11 series, which was introduced in particular, was very similar to the previous XS series and did not carry much innovation.

The 11 series is referred to by the names Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro and Iphone 11 Pro Max, and as the name goes on, its performance is improving. The Iphone 11 Pro is similar to the previous XS model, the company remains in the class in terms of innovation in a sense indicator.

The Iphone 11 Pro is one of the models that has become the target of criticism with its new products, but is one of the best mobile processor units in terms of hardware and performance with the A13 Bionic processor.

Without further ado, the new family’s profile of the middle sibling Iphone 11 Pro’un what are the features of the answer to the question let’s try to explain in detail.

Apple Iphone 11 Pro Design

The Iphone 11 Pro has almost the same platform, except for performance and camera, which does not make a difference with the Xs in terms of design on the front panel.

The notched build, starting with the X, continues in the 11 Pro, but the notch is slightly downsized in this model.  The glass design with the aluminum frame is very stylish.

Apple designed the Iphone 11 Pro with no distinction from XS on the front panel, the biggest change that separates Xs from design form is that it has three cameras on the back.

The low member of the series, which also has colorful models, comes across four different colors, including gold, silver, black and Yesil.

3.5 mm headphone output with the iPhone 7 Series, and then released after the release of a model that does not include Apple, the new family, again, this output did not allow.

At the bottom is the Lightning input and the microphone port along with the second speaker grid. Without the on-screen fingerprint reader, the model used 3D facial recognition as the screen lock, which works 30 percent faster than the previous series.

Water and dust resistant model measures; the thickest point is 8.1 mm, Weight is 188 grams.

Design of the Iphone 11 Pro, the company can not make much of an innovation, the new family members are on sale with IOS 13.

Apple Iphone 11 Pro Display

The iPhone 11 Pro features a 5.8-inch notched front panel with no difference between the previous Xs and the display.

Offering a resolution of 1125×2436 pixels, the pixel density of the screen is good by segment: 458 PPI.

Apple introduced a previous Triple series as well as 11 series of the price difference with the number of screens and cameras is lowering. While the 11 Pro model has nearly the same performance values as the series ‘ Pro Max, it is only separated by screen size and resolution.

While the front panel satisfies technology lovers, the frame is kept slightly thinner than the 11 models, and the display body ratio has not exceeded 78.62 percent.

Apple Iphone 11 Pro Hardware

One of the most notable innovations of the series is the first models to use the A13 bionic processor. One of the best processors produced so far, the A13, Snapdragon 855 used in Oppo Reno 10x, Kirin 980 powered by Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Note 10 Plus’s preferred Exynos 9 (9820-9825), although CPU speed and RAM is lower, more stable and running faster. Moreover, the slowdown problem, which is the biggest nightmare of the processors, has been minimized over time.

If you look at the hardware features of the iPhone 11 Pro, which is used as A13 chipset;

The CPU speed of the 6-core processor is 2.66 GHz. A fully performance-oriented processor, the A13 offers 20 percent more performance than the previous A12, while saving 40 percent energy.

The processor with 64 Bit architecture is produced with 7 nm technology.

With 4 GB of RAM, 64, 128 and 256 GB of internal memory is available.

Apple Iphone 11 Pro Camera

The next generation HDR takes advantage of improved artificial learning to take more natural photos with super highlighting and shadow details in the background. Deep Fusion, a new image processing system enabled by the A13 Bionic processor’s Neural Engine, will be available soon.

Deep Fusion takes advantage of improved artificial learning to process photos pixel by pixel, optimising texture, details and noise throughout the photo.

A total of four cameras, the new features of the lens meets us. In short, if we look at the camera features;

Front camera: 12 megapixel resolution, with an f/2.2 aperture, HDR support and 2160p 4K video resolution, the camera’s FBS value is 60 fbs.

Main camera: at 12 megapixels, with an f/1.8 aperture, with a 2160p Ultra HD 4K video resolution, the FBS value is 60 fbs, while the focal length is 26 mm.

Second camera: at 12 megapixels, with an f / 2.4 aperture, this camera offers 2x optical zoom in combination with the telephoto lens.

Third camera: 12 megapixel resolution, 123 degrees with an aperture of f/1.8 is designed to take extra wide-angle pictures.

With the camera features, it is possible to take professional photos and videos with the Iphone 11, which has managed to leave behind many flagship cameras. Even if you have the Iphone 11 Pro with you, you don’t need to take your professional camera with you.

Apple Iphone 11 Pro Battery

Another feature of iPhones most criticized is their batteries. The company behaving a bit stingy in the sense of power, the same character 11 Pro model continued.

For users expecting a higher capacity battery, offering a 3190 mAh battery under the glass housing may have been disappointing.

The battery, which allows for fast charging and wireless charging, comes with an 18W fast charging adapter. With these features, the battery can reach 50 percent filling capacity in half an hour.

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