About us

Our Start Story
When we take back the time a bit, we all remember that home accessories, decoration products and furniture consist only of home needs. The concept of “decor” meant “need” in those days when the options were limited and technological breakthroughs remained only in design. For this reason, the process of deciding and realizing people’s decoration products was very short.
With the rapidly developing world and unpredictable technology, some problems have started to arise in the decision making and realization processes of the consumers.
Especially in the recent years, decoration design products, which are the most developed by the decoration and accessory companies and have a large share in the economic market, are also the favorite of many companies.
However, there are many variations that the decor brands put on the market one after another. In this area, where competition is also at a high level, it seems that new products will continue to be displayed almost every day.
Firms that try to increase the sales graphic to the highest figures with new breakthroughs are competing hard to grab the big slice of the cake. Accordingly, what can be done about decoration and home accessory products offered to consumers is now exceeding the limits.

The manufacturers, which add more crucial designs to each new product upon the expectation of consumers, try to reach the best position and try to grab a big slice in sales.
“The biggest problem here is the decision of the consumers”
Price, design and other factors are among the factors affecting the purchase in so many products. While people want to have all the factors they want in making decisions, price and other factors can take a long time to decide. In such a case, he can make wrong choices with hearsay information or the effect of the environment.
Our Mission
We, who set off with the motto “Every decoration product and accessory may not be suitable for your home”, try to prevent people from gaining healthier information and making wrong choices based on the criteria of only design or price differences by seeing this gap in the market.
You can find many models of decorative product manufacturers that stand out with their name and decoration products.