Our Starting Story

When we turn back time a little, we all remember that cell phones are just a means of communication. In those days when options were limited and technological breakthroughs remained only in design, the concept of “telephone” meant the same as “communication”. That’s why the process of people deciding and realizing to buy a mobile phone was quite short.

With the rapidly developing world and the technology that can not be avoided, some problems began to emerge in the decision making and realization processes of consumers.

Smart phones, which are the most developed by technology companies and have a large share in the economic market, are the eyes of many companies. In fact, it has become so important that it has risen to the top among the number one causes of trade wars.

But there are many models that tech brands have launched one after the other. In this area, where the competition is also high, it seems that new models will continue to be showcased almost every month.

Companies trying to reach the top of the sales chart with new breakthroughs are in close competition to grab a large slice of the pie. Depending on this, what can be done with the smartphones offered to consumers is now beyond the limits.

As consumers ‘ expectations increase, manufacturers add more features to each new model, thus trying to get to the best position in the sales are trying to grab a big slice.

“The biggest problem here is that consumers decide”

Price, camera, hardware, operating system and other elements within so many models are the factors that affect the uptake. While people want all the factors they want to be together when making decisions, the decision making process can be extended by price and other factors. In such a case, he can make the wrong choice with hearsay information or with the effect of the environment.


Starting with the motto” Every Phone has a score”, we see this gap in the market and try to prevent people from acquiring healthier information and making wrong choices with criteria consisting only of design or price differences. In short, our first purpose;

“By scoring and comparing smartphones in many categories, people have the healthiest and fastest way to complete their decision-making”

We make sure that consumers decide along with this ranking by comparing many models of smartphone manufacturers that have come to prominence with names and technological breakthroughs on our site by subjecting them to a certain scoring system.

Moreover, you can have a say in this scoring system.

Our vision

We are trying to be an authoritarian website not only in our country but also in the national market with the” smartphone points system and benchmarking”.

One of our goals in the future is to prove ourselves in this field and become the pioneer of the “points” and “benchmarking” system.

We’re trying to do what’s best for you.

You can write us all your suggestions and demands.

Our Email Address : destek@comparess.com